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Free RDP Debian Linux 10 | Google Compute Engine – 16 GB RAM


You will get a free RDP with a quad-core processor and 16GB of RAM. which will appear similar to this As you can see from the image above

You will get a free RDP with a quad-core processor and 16GB of RAM. which will appear similar to what we have illustrated in this article

free rdp

As you can see from the image above, we'll be using cloud shell for this.


1. You need a Google account.

2. A computer, such as a phone or a laptop.

3. Be patient.


1. Go to and log in.

2. A terminal would appear on the screen. See the illustration below.

free rdp google

3. Now you must use the terminal you opened in phase 2 to set up the Xfce4 desktop environment.

1-sudo apt-get update

2-sudo apt-get install xfce4 xfce4-terminal

4. Now go to and follow the instructions.

free debian rdp

5. Click on begin.

youtube studio

6. On the same page, copy the second link.

7. Now open the terminal you opened in phase 2 and run some more commands.

 1-wget <the_link_you_copied

2-sudo dpkg -i chrome*

3-sudo apt-get install -f 


8. In the page you opened in step 4, click Next.


9. Select Authorize.

1619705165220?e=1684368000&v=beta&t=39uOUKn0QQf 0BcFwvEviDJHRrLsyPQRChzZT avous

10. Select your gmail account.

1619705330005?e=1684368000&v=beta&t=jLgTIV33fZCNUHp44SiTcgF7uELE43z OlqQz6yjDms

11. On that page, copy the third code.

12. Copy the code and paste it into the cloud-shell terminal.

13. The system will ask for a pin, which you can enter as 123456.

1619705664098?e=1684368000&v=beta&t=0rLLFYfHoYbo3RAUE6Q5tcyOGXq5g0zrMIMS62IV 6U

14. Now Click on Remote access.


15. Click on your session

16. When prompted for a password, type the one you developed in step 13.

free RDP

17. Then a window will appear, where you can select xfce and click OK.

Free RDP

18. Xfce4 will launch. Simply choose the default panel and you're ready to go.


1. Server will only work as long as the cloud shell terminal is opened , (install chrome on rdp and open the shell terminal there to fix).

2. Server will only work 50 hours/week, so get 2-3 google accounts if you want to always use it.

3. If you restarted the server, you need to do all the steps again.

for more informations

Follow thehamkercat on github

Finally, let's define what RDP is. RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol, which allows a user to connect to and control another computer over the internet; this is useful when you need to access resources or programs on a different computer, such as when working remotely or accessing a server.

Following the tutorial carefully and taking the necessary precautions, setting up a free Debian RDP on the Google Cloud Platform can be a great way to access remote computing resources without investing in expensive hardware or infrastructure.

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